About CSPC


The purpose of The Columbine State Poodle Club:

  • To promote and advance the interest of the breed, according to the Poodle standard, whether by owning, training, breeding and/or showing the purebred poodle.
  • To provide owners, fanciers and the general public with information about qualities, training, responsible ownership, general care and liabilities of the poodle and to develop an appreciation for the breed.
  • To hold shows, trials, exhibitions, educational activities, and/or matches; to encourage the exhibition of Poodles at benched   and unbenched Specialties, All-Breed Shows, Obedience  Trials, Field Trials, Agility Trials, Rally, Tracking, Herding and any other competitive events and demonstrations.
  • To maintain the highest spirit of cooperation and devotion to the principle of good sportsmanship.